I have no idea who this is….

Does anyone out there know who the person is in this photo?

To me, it is an intriguing photo of a man that reminds me of someone from another generation.

Is the identity of the man in the photo “lost to the ages?”

But if I were to guess who this person is in the photo, this is who I imagine he is….

The man in the photo is Renee Julien. His Great Grandfather was a French mercenary who fought for England.

The photo was taken when Renee was in his mid-40’s.

During World War II, he was a French resistance leader fighting against Japan during their failed attempt to impose their rule in the Far East and the world. His resistance to Imperial Japan during those dark days took place in the South Pacific.

He fought when everyone thought he should give up.

Immediately after the war, he married an American woman who served on the staff of General Dwight Eisenhower in Paris France.

He and his beautiful blonde wife Betty (originally from Kankakee, Illinois) married shortly after the war and they had 7 children.

All of the children are still living-4 boys and 3 girls and each became an American citizen.

After the war he moved to Hawaii.

Renee owned and operated for 35 years a 1,200 acre sugar cane plantation he named Bali.

He eventually moved and retired to the Island of Kauai where he passed away in September of 1989.

For his service during WWII, the French Nation awarded him their highest military tribute.The Legion of Honour. This medal was originally established by Napoleon Bonaparte.

The awards motto is Honneur et Patrie (“Honour and Fatherland”).

If anyone knows the real identity of the man in the photo-please let me know.

Until I hear otherwise and until then, he is Renee Julien.

About jeb610

Taking one day at a time, and enjoying life in the heart of Dixie. People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight. All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don’t sit looking at it – walk. There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.
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13 Responses to I have no idea who this is….

  1. Very wonderful. I wish I did know who he was. I liked your thoughts on possibilities.

  2. Xajow says:

    He is a man named Philip Quast.

  3. GB says:

    Philip Quast, the best Javert of all time.
    p.s.: great story!

  4. Whimsical KT says:

    John Galt? 🙂
    I think the last two commenters are correct.
    Fantastic story! There is actually a Jean René Julien Dubuisson that was a French architect that helped rebuild France after WWII.😉

  5. Janet says:

    Yes he is Philip Quast. Celebrated Australian Actor famous for his roles on the London stage . Winner of three Olivier Awards (plus many other awards) and actor of stage, screen and TV. Oddly enough, one of those Olivier Awards was for his role as Emile in South Pacific. And this Photo was taken during rehearsals for that role. (A role in which he was a Frenchman who had fled France for killing a Nazi with his bare hands before the war and who gets involved with fighting the Japanese…and ends up marrying a girl from Little Rock.
    So I would say you have some definite clairvoyant vibes!
    By the way, you can hear him sing Some Enchanted Evening on Youtube….plus of course many of his other performances including the not-to-be-missed rendition of Stars from Les Miserables.

    • jeb610 says:

      Thanks for the background info and the mystery now seems fully solved. I am thinking my intial guess at his identity was not too far off….at least based on his acting portrayal as Emile in South Pacific.

  6. Janet says:

    Just to add…the Photo was taken in 2001/2 at the National Theatre, London.

    • jeb610 says:

      Thanks, for the additional info…so are you like the President of his fan club? 🙂

      • Janet says:

        Ha! No not at all. Just one who recognises a genius at work. He is pretty much the best at what he does. Thats always good to watch. There is a shortage of recognition for genuine …not manufactured by PR…..old-school talent these days. I just thought you may feel the photo was older than it was, that’s all.
        There are a lot of ‘Quasties’ out there I assure you.
        I was rather gobsmacked by the similarity of your ‘story’ with the actually part he was rehearsing at the time. At first I thought it was a wind-up and you were pretending you didn;t know who he was.

      • jeb610 says:

        I had no idea, just saw the photo and liked it and I like old school.

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